Skate Boarding Tips

Skate Boarding Tips Whenever you learn something new, you must start from somewhere; skateboarding is no different. You must learn the basics from getting the right gear to learning how to skate; you must also learn how to stand comfortably on the board and to ride without falling. Here are some helpful Skate Boarding Tips; 1. 1. Getting the right gear There are several [...]

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Learning the basics of Skateboarding

learn skate boarding
Being a new skateboarder can be challenging, but it is less difficult when you have a source of information on the how to go about the sport starting from selecting the right [...]

Meet The Top 3 Skate Boarders of All Time

Each new year brings gnarlier skating by new faces with an impressive level of board control and trick selection. Debating their relative skills seems incredible when all [...]

The 5 Shockingly Awesome Boots Every Woman Wants This Winter

winter boots
If you are searching for high-performance boots designed for walking the dog or shoveling your driveway during winter, this guide will be helpful. Winter boots should have [...]

3 Gifts Every Female Surfer will Love

gifts for girls
One common thing about ladies is that they love gifts and surprises. If you have a female friend who is a surfer or even a family member who loves surfing, you can surprise [...]