3 Super Useful Skateboard Tips

protective gear

Here are three important skateboard tips

1) Dress the part

When learning skateboard movements and braking, falls are inevitable; as such, come armed with protective gear such as elbow pads, kneepads, wrist guards and a helmet to protect you from injuries.

2) Practice your balance on a soft surface

It is important to start you training on a soft patch of grass. This is the best place to learn and gain a strong sense steadiness and balance. Additionally, you can keep the board firmly under your feet by keeping the movements simple as if you are walking.

3) Rely on your back foot for basic braking.

This involves taking your foot of the skateboard and dragging it the surface to bring your momentum to a halt. Like basic balance, you should train braking using baby steps until you comfortably integrate it into your reflex. Only then are you ready to cruise and stop immediately as necessary.