Guide To Choosing a Skateboard

best skateboards

There are many things you need to consider before buying a skateboard especially if you are the first time user. First skaters should choose a board with a large deck width and not the wheelbase or length since they are more stable due to their wide surface area for a uniform weight distribution. The required widths usually depend on your skating style, personal preference and size.

The following is a breakdown of how you should choose a skateboard based on age, shoe size and height.

1. MICRO- Has a deck width size of 6.5’’ – 6.75’’, it is fit for kids who are 5 years or younger, with a height below 3’4’’ and shoe size 3 or smaller.

2. MINI- Has a deck width of 7.0’’ and is best for kids who are aged between 6 and eight years, 3’55’’and 4’4’’ tall and wears a shoe size of 4 and 6.

3. MID SIZE-Has a deck width of 7.3’’ and is favourable for children between 9 and 12 years with a shoe size of between 7 and 8 and with a height between 4’5’’ and 5’2’’.

4. FULL SIZE- Has a deck width of 7.5’’ or larger and is appropriate for all skaters above the age of 13, a shoe size of 9 or above and taller than 5.3’’.


Types of Skateboards

• Long Boards
• Cruisers
• Carve
• Mini Cruisers
• Double Kicks

best skateboards

Examples of best skateboards brands in the market are as follows:

• Element
• Enjoi
• Zero
• Flip
• Almost
• Plan B
• Blind
• Girl
• Alien Workshop
• Baker