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How To Chose And Which brand of skateboard to choose?

For skateboarders, choosing the right skateboard that you love out of the shop up until it finally breaks apart, is a tough choice. Hardware-related opinions are very subjective. Blame brands and skateboarders for starting this war. Unless you have many years of experience and an open mind, it is difficult to say that such a brand is better or that such gear is wrong.

The effect of brand image influences a lot of people and especially a lot of beginners are logically controlled by the team riders of the brand, through its advertisements and videos. Everyone knows that it is, not an image that makes a brand product quality material.


The skate brands produce boards and other equipment in different ranges. Some products can be excellent and some very average. Some parts (including the wood for the boards) may be recent and well designed, and other boards may have been left for several months in non-optimal storage conditions like humidity … In one brand and sometimes even the same brand product, the quality is variable.

My view is: a good skater is versatile and can ride anything. But still, how to choose a skateboard? Build your own or buy a prebuilt? Clearly, the prebuilt option is the most interesting financially; the prebuilt includes inexpensive items that are sufficient for most beginners. Buying a board with no name on it is a wise choice for the wallet but not for your enjoyment, they feel TERRIBLE to ride around.

Qualitatively, the prebuilt are composed of basic technical elements. Having a standard quality board to start is more than enough, and there is brand prebuilt like these available now:

Almost Cooper Batman Split Face Complete 7.75 x 31 $89.99

Almost Mullen Superman Split Face Complete8.0 x 31$89.99

Blind Golden Boar Blue/Orange Complete8.0 x 31$64.99

If you pick you own parts for a CUSTOM built then there’s a lot more options!


THE BOARD: some are heavier or lighter, wide or narrow, have a deeper curve or are more flat than curved. It is the preference, and it won’t make you better, just find the right size and shape fit for you with trial and error. These are the typical boards you can find:

Alien Workshop, Almost, Anti Hero, Baker Black, Label Blind, etc. Some are pretty cheap too considering they’re way higher quality than the previous prebuilt, it’s just the board, though!

Example of an average brand board: Almost Haslam Almost 8.375 x 31.8 $52.99

THE TRUCKS : trucks make a difference in how heavy or light your board is considering they’re mostly metal, some are more flexible for “gapping” or jumping down from staircases and such, they’re pretty pricey, but they last a while on many boards usually and make a difference as they grind on metal surfaces differently. Here are some average brand trucks:

Example of a typical pair of trucks: Destructo D2 Lite Mid Trucks $20.99 to $21.99 each

THE WHEELS: Wheels are pretty unique in the way they change colours, designs, etc. A very few of them although offer superior grip or are more slippery for “burn slides”. If you want to pay the lowest price point then for $10 you’re good, bearings not included of course. For a good pair of wheels check these out:

51mm Gold Wheels Williams Hope Wheels $26.99

With all this in mind, you’re ready to create your ideal board.