Meet The Top 3 Skate Boarders of All Time


Each new year brings gnarlier skating by new faces with an impressive level of board control and trick selection. Debating their relative skills seems incredible when all individuals have proven themselves to be capable of doing just about anything that it is possible to do, with a skateboard. Below is a rundown of top 3 skateboarders of all time.

rodney mullen

1.Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen is venerated not only for his street skating wizardry but also because he invented several maneuvers that form the vocabulary of skating. The legend has also developed somewhat popularly referred to as flip tricks – moves, that is, in which the skateboard spins in the air, and he lands on it. Rodney is known as the godfather of street skating. In 2002, he won the Transworld Readers’ Choice Award for “Skater of the Year”. He is the founder of Almost Skateboard Company and has written a book titled “The Mutt: How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself.” Some of the stunts invented by the guru himself include:

*Double heelflips


*50-50 Saran Wrap

*Ollie Impossible

*Godzilla Rail Flip

*Flatground Ollie

*360 Flip

danny way

Source: We Buy Any Bike

2.Danny Way

Danny Way has dominated the stunts side of skateboarding for an entire decade. He has beaten many odds as injuries that should have ended his career, only to rise not only where he left off but, progress even further. Danny is an original member of the OG Plan B Team and has been on a mission to push skateboarding to levels only achievable by immense love and passion of the game. He has gone down history books for having claimed the world’s record for Highest Freefall, Highest Air, and Longest Jump. In 2005, he took the distance record by jumping over the Great Wall of China. He did it four times too and performed three legit and unique stunts over the 60-foot gap. To anyone who would not acknowledge this man as one of the greatest skateboarders ever; he isn’t. Danny is the king of astronomical skateboarding – period.

tony hawk

3.Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk is the man who transformed skateboarding from a kid’s pastime into a respected career. In his 17-year career, he won more than 70 contests. He founded a skateboarding company known as BirdHouse and also has a line of video games and skateboarding videos. Hawk is behind some amazing tricks, including the “900” which requires a skater to rotate two and a half turns in mid-air. His long streak of successes has been attributed to several factors.

First, even in his retirement, he continues to be one of the most talented skateboarders ever to hit the vertical ramp. Besides that, because of his many personal appearances, he is accessible to his fans. For instance, he goes on a multi-city skateboarding tour every summer with members of his Birdhouse company. The Nickelodeon has previously named him “The Favorite Male Athlete” while the Newsweek Magazine has often referred to him as “the most famous skateboarder, like, ever.”

Of course, there are many other great skateboarders. However, the three we’ve mentioned above are the indisputable heroes whose claim to fame has stood the test of time. Who is your favorite skateboarder of all time?

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