Top 3 Adidas Skateboarding Shoes

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For any skateboarding enthusiast, skateboarding shoes are an essential item. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in the sport, it is necessary to have the right pair of shoes. Adidas have over the years established themselves as some of the top manufacturers of such shoes. Due to the wide variety of shoes, Adidas has to offer; it can be a bit overwhelming settling on one. That is why we have made a list of Top 3 Adidas skateboarding shoes to help you in selection.




The design of a shoe counts just as much as its usefulness when skateboarding. The Seely Premiere Shoes are known for providing both. The fabric upper is not only stylish but also durable with the iconic leaf logo. On top of this, the shoe has a heel tab made of synthetic leather which provides support throughout the ride.
Another stand out feature in this shoe is the heel collar which has been lightly padded to offer comfort and to cushion against bumps. It is essential for one to have shoes that provide sufficient grip. This shoe has been designed to do so through the rubber outer sole. Furthermore, the sole has been vulcanised hence providing maximum flexibility. A pair goes for $42 on the Adidas website. This shoe is appropriate for beginners as it has all the basic required features.





When skateboarding, it is necessary to be in shoes that will offer you the best service. The Adi Ease Premier is one such make. The sturdy suede upper is not only durable but also comfortable. The shoe comes in 6 colour options to suits all tastes and preferences. The wearer is also protected against injury in the toe area by an ADITUFF™ section. The moulded PU sock liner is an essential feature absorbs the shock from such impacts and hence guaranteeing you a smooth ride. The quarters have been perforated and are therefore breathable, preventing the build-up of sweat inside the shoes. The vulcanised rubber outer sole comes in handy for those who like doing tricks on their boards.
It not only offers an excellent grip but is also quite light and flexible. This offers one the stability needed to perform all manner of tricks including slides and grinds. It is moderately priced at $65 on the Adidas website. The shoe is appropriate for intermediates who are learning new skills and pros who want to perform advanced and tricks.

This range of shoes is one of the things that come to mind whenever one thinks of essential skateboarding gear. The premium leather upper is very durable and hence the shoes can be used in all sorts of terrains. With a pair of these, one does not have to worry about the fit and style as they can be customised to your individual measures and taste.
The recessed eyelets prevent the laces from blowing out in peak performance hence guaranteeing safety. With a comfortable textile lining and collar support, every moment spent riding with these shoes on is enjoyable. The rubber cup sole is suitable for not only performing sophisticated skills but also jumping from great heights. With $ 80, one can get their hands on a pair of these shoes. They are most suitable for pros and are a worthy investment based on all their beneficial features.


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