Top 3 Skateboard Shoes


These shoes have a simplified aesthetic creating both a durable and stylish design. Vans make eminent skateboarding shoes due to their waffle soles that make them have a remarkable grip on the skateboard. Their upper part is made up of simple canvas and suede, making them durable though they are thin making them a superb choice for many skaters. Vans are made of a rubber sole with a cushioned insole greatly offering shock absorption and real comfort.

The light padded collar and tongue gives these skate shoes an additional comfort in a skate style trend. These shoes are light, making it easy to flip when skating.

User Experience
Vans are highly comfortable, breathable and good looking. Besides being the best skateboard shoes, most users still wear them in their workplaces. Unfortunately, some clients report that the rubber edge cracks fast eventually separating from the canvas.

• These shoes are sold at a reasonable price for such great performing shoes

• One needs to swap the insole if skating for a couple of hours.

nike sb review

2. Nike SB
Nike offers best skateboard shoes that are durable, comfortable and sets the board tone. They provide a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns to choose from giving our esteemed customers varied unsurpassed choices. They are available in a basic black-white and army green colorways with a bulbous shape. They have been designed with great thickness and a layer of suede thus guarantying durability and comfort.

Nike shoes make one of the coolest and light weight skating shoes in the market.

User Experience
Users like the Nike skating shoes for their aesthetics, perfect fit, and comfy. Additionally, the leather is firmly attached to the rubber sole making them remain intact even after a long period of use. However, users are unhappy with the chunky sole and the rapid rate at which the suede gets dirty.

• One will feel great by selecting these skating shoes since they are CK-backed.

• They have low grade cushioning and padding since they only have a rubber insole with no additional cushioning insole.

Dc skate

3. DC Skate

These Cole Pro skate shoes are designed with lace-up leather as well as a padded topline and tongue which gives them an added comfort and protection. They have a high-walled rubber sole that gives the skating shoes a distinguished grip off or on the board.

The Trase TX Unisex DC’s model is designed with a vulcanized construction with a sticky rubber outsole which is resistant to abrasions for continuous flipping. These shoes provide a stable base for skating with a high level of comfort. DC have water zero line thus these skating shoes can block out snow, slush, and water with extra tread. They are perfect for snow days and snow-skates. They have a distinctive logo that gives you a detailed finish.

User Experience
The DC shoes tend to be loose as compared to Vans and Nike shoes. It is advisable to buy a shoe half size down if you would like it to fit appropriately. The base of the shoe lacks sufficient cushioning however you can address this by inserting an insole.

• These skating shoes can be customized for fun and have an all-around durability.

• They get floppy and may lose their original structure after they cut down.